8355 SCD Ozonizer Gas

Is there a reason 8355 SCDs are now required to use oxygen instead of air for ozone generation? I don't think this used to be the case, and I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use air beyond a decrease in sensitivity perhaps. Some customers of ours have difficulties getting pure oxygen approved for use in their labs and would like to know whether air is acceptable.

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    For 8355 SCD , oxygen MUST be used for the ozone generator gas.  This  is different as  355SCD ,which is  the  legacy old  model  of  SCD  detector . According the  Ozone production  mechanism  , Ozone  generator  need a transformer  to   supply   high voltage( more than 600v)    to  convert O2  to ozone .  It is  critical to   meet Safety  and   Quality   Standard for  SCD  product . Using  O2 ,  assure the quality  EMC  test ( Electro Magnetic Compatibility  test). The  worse  case  of  using  improper gas may  cause  a  " dead  SCD"  ,  i.e  main PCB  board  damaged .  

    From the  safety  and  quality assurance ,  O2 is  mandatory .  Dry   and  high  purity quality (99.9995%) O2  is  required as well.     To  remove  water/humidity  is  very  important for  O2 ,  other wise    will cause  electric failure( shortage)   for ozone  transformer  even damage SCD  main    PCB  board.


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