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"It turns out that when the injector goes down to take a sample (washing with hexane) it gets stuck in the vial and I can see that the syringe plunger does not go up. Restart the autoinjector, I changed the syringe but still the same. Already checking it manually, I feel how hard the belt that moves the plunger. Reading several forums I saw that something similar happened to a colleague, he said that he improved when he cleaned it. I don't know what I can do, I thought about using Vaseline but I don't see it feasible. Or if someone suggests something to me, I would really appreciate it. It is a GC-MSD 6850-5975"

days ago I shared the following message

In order to better illustrate the error, today I attach the photo of the piece


I appreciate if you can give me another recommendation before thinking about buying the part.

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