Hydrogen Generator - Water in H2 gas going into HP7890B


We use a Peak Hydrogen generator (Precision Hydrogen Trace 500cc) on our HP7890B GC. We installed Agilent gas clean filters (Part No CP17973) on the HP7890. Pretty much straight away the H20 filter changed colour. We contacted Peak and they came in and identified a faulty drying unit in the Hydrogen generator. This was replaced and a new Agilent gas clean filter was installed. Everything was ok until after about 3 weeks the H20 filter changed from green to half green half brown. Then a week later the H20 indicator was fully brown. Again we contacted Peak. An engineer came in and told us that the Hydrogen generator worked as intended and no problems. They said that there will always be a slight amount of moisture in the H2 gas and that the Agilent gas Clean filters with moisture indicator are designed to be used with bottled gases and not Hydrogen generators and if you don't want moisture in your gas then we should use bottled gases. We are concerned about moisture getting into the GC as I am suspecting there is more moisture entering the GC through the carrier gas than they should be. 

I am a little skeptical about this statement, is this true? 

Also if this is true does anybody use any kind of moisture trap after a Hydrogen generator and if so where can you get them from?


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