Fatal Sequence Error Detected

7890A GC / 5975C MS tandem system


The log file shows 'Fatal sequence error detected after a run is complete and there is no chromatogram/MS data available for the sample. Can anyone help with what the cause might be?

  • Hi Tom,

    Do you perhaps see "neither GC or MS data collected" ? If so, check your remote cable from you GC to your MSD to be sure its connected. If that looks ok, then close chemstation and restart the MSD using the keypad on the front. Press the menu key until you see the word controller, press the item key and you will be prompted to restart by pressing the yes key. This is a nice way of restating the MSD without interrupting the vacuum system. Once restarted, try and run a short sequence as a test. If this works, let us know and I may have an idea why this happened.



  • Hi James,


    Thanks for the quick response. I've rebooted the MSD via the keypad and now everything is working again. 


    Thanks for the help.





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