Fatal Sequence Error Detected

7890A GC / 5975C MS tandem system


The log file shows 'Fatal sequence error detected after a run is complete and there is no chromatogram/MS data available for the sample. Can anyone help with what the cause might be?

  • I read through this post from 2019 - it appears everyone's issue was easily resolved. 

    Error message: "fatal sequence error". This message is generated after the first sample in the sequence is completed.  I keep receiving this error message even after I have tried the following in no particular order: 

    • instrument vent: loosened column fittings on both ends and reconnected. Replaced the liner and septum. 
      • There was a "front inlet shutdown" at one point - thus the reason for re-seating the fittings
    • Turned off computer and instrument and then restarted.
    • Tightened all connections on the back of the GC and MS.
    • Created a new method and ran a new sequence.

    *The first sample in the sequence runs, but the second sample fails with the message "fatal sequence error".

    Any other suggestions?


    Thank you

  • This happened again to us last night, restarting the MSD and checking connections per first suggestion did the trick again.  I did have to search these archives to run across the "fix" again though.

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