Using TCD of 6850 Network GC for continuos measurement

I am currently using a Agilent 6850 GC network system. I have connected the GC to a LAN system and then to my PC system. I am using Chemstation for the control of GC. I am  planning to use the TCD for detecting the concentration of CO2 in the outlet flow of my reactor column. I dont want to use the purged packed column in the GC for this measurement because I want to detect the concentration continously and therefore, using the traditional method  of GC measurement will not be feasible. My aim is to measure the amount of of CO2 adsorbed on my sample. So, my plan is to connect the TCD in the GC directly to the outlet of my reactor column (which is obviously outside of the GC body in a separate temperature-controlled oven) which holds my sample ( see the figure)schematic representation of setup.

So I have two questions:

(1) Can someone please suggest me how can I achieve this ? One of the plan I think that can be feasible is to disconnect the column (I have a packed column) from the entrance of the TCD and connect the entrance of the TCD to the outlet of my reactor column and the outlet port at the back panel of the GC can be connected to the exhaust. Is there any other better ideas than mine ?

(2) How can I instruct Chemstation to monitor and register the concentration of the gas component (in my case CO2) on a continous basis ?

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