GC 6890 not connecting to chemstation


We have a 6890 we are trying to connect to chemstation. Everything is connected the same way our other GCs are, but I keep getting error message "cannot launch the instrument, Cannot launch not configured instrument". I can find the instrument in the control panel but the launch button is greyed out. 

Thanks for any help

  • Hi

    Kindly share which chemstation u r using..Version ???

    It was working fine or did any repair..

    What window of computer using?

    It is 6890A or 6890N..

  • My apologies the chemstation version is, I think, c.01.09 (144)

    A past employee seems to have connected before, but I am unsure if it worked fine. This is our first time attempting to connect

    The computer is windows 10

    It is a 6890N

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    From the error, it seems like the instrument was added in Control Panel but it was never configured.

    If my assumption is correct, all you need to do is the following:

    - Open the Control Panel of the CDS software

    - Go to the Instruments Tab

    - Click on the instrument that you are trying to open

    - Click on the Configure Instrument button at the top

                -> You should see a panel with 2 sections: Available Modules and Configured Modules 

    - Select the type of GC you are using from the list and do one of two things:

                -> Double-click the instrument

                -> Click on the green, right-pointing arrow

                -> You should now see the instrument in the Configured modules list, with an (Unconfigured) mention

    - Double-click on the unconfigured module

                -> you should now see an Agilent 6890 GC Configuration (in your case) screen

    - You MUST Add the IP address of the GC in the "IP Address" screen.

    - Click on "Get GC Configuration"

    If all is well, and the IP was correct, instrument should be ready to use.

    Below is also a configuration guide which could help to some extent.

    OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition, Instrument Configuration Guide (agilent.com)

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you need screenshots of the steps above!

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