No signal response on TCD and FID

Recently, we connected the column (CP7429) to TCD and FID using a Y splitter. However, there is no signal response on both TCD and FID after manually injection of the calibration gas (containing H2, CO, CH4, C2H4, C2H6 in CO2). The carrier gas is Ar. Only a tiny peak for CO2 can be observed on TCD and FID. 

What considerations should I take into account to solve this problem?


  • Hello hqliang,

    First disconnect the detector side (FID and TCD) and check the flow. Put the end of the columns into solvents. If it's bubbles it's OK, if it's not, check the Y splitter. I suspect the splitter is not seals perfectly. Drop some methanol into the splitter, the column will swells because of the methanol and may be it will seal better.

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