Method transfer from old GC-HS model (6890 / G1530A) to new model 7890A

Hi Team,

We have GC-HS method developed on the old model of GC-HS (i.e. 6890/G1530A) and now we need to use the same method on the new model of GC-HS(7890A).

In the old instrument there was an option to manually control the flow through HS to get the required split vent flow. But with the new systems HS flow is controlled through GC and to achieve the required split vent flow we might need to optimize the method with some trial and error way.

Is there is any equivalency calculation available with you when we change the method from old GC to the new GC so that we can save some time which will go in method optimization to achieve the required split vent flow. 

Will be waiting for your response.

Thank you.



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