License information from ChemStation installation

I have ChemStation B.04.03 on a Windows 7 computer.  Can I find my license information inside the software?

  • Hi Anatoly

    Not inside CD..But on envelope where cd was kept, u can get license there...

  • It will be like this..i highlighted in picture...

  • Thank you!  Unfortunately we can't find the original CD.  Is there a way to extract the license information from the software installation?

  • Okay.

    Can you share pic of computer when you click on start then what what folder is showing..

  • Check like above file...Hope, you will get license...

  • Thank you!  I've seen this document and tried the procedure.  Unfortunately we have Windows 7 and neither approach works

  • That is why i am asking to share pic of computer to see what folder is showing

  • I'm having a hard time inserting a picture here.  How do I do that correctly?  When I copy and paste it it puts a frame in and then disappears within a few seconds

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