68gc not found! check that 68gc is correctly configured error message

I had to reinstall Chemstation B.04.03 and now I'm getting the error message "68gc not found! check that 68gc is correctly configured".  After lookiing at everywhere, I cannot figure out what is missing.  I'm using a GPIB PCI card. I tried to replace the GPIB cable (and the PCI card) with a HP 82357B USDS/GPIB converter and got the same result. 

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    It is a long time since I set up one of these GC's that have the GPIB interface but I vaguely remember something about having to install libraries for the GPIB card and then having to configure them using a software utility. I recall that it was critical that the settings matched that specified in the manual. I couldn't find a manual for Chemstation but here is a link to one for MSD Chemstation that seems to refer to similar things.  https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/Public/G1701-90054.pdf. There might be a better manual as part of your Chemstation B.04.03 installation disk 

    Not sure if this helps


  • Hi 

    Kindly check above pdf file for the requirement of B.04.03 chemstation regarding firmware, operating system etc..

  • Windows7 does not suppprt Gpib option.

  • I don't believe we support the GPIB anymore.  Best solution may be to upgrade the 6890A to LAN communication.  Entire kit is G2335A I think.

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