Response changes in a single PCB Aroclor after maintenance

Greetings one and all,

First off: I’m running PCB’s on an Agilent 5890 with micro-ECD’s. Recently I was having some poor chromatography on my rear confirmation column. I Did some routine maintenance (changing the ferrules, gold seal, liner, septum, and detector liner) as well as clipping a few feet off the column. After re-installing the RTX-1701 and heating it up, I waited for the signal to come back down. I ran both my normal calibration standard (1.00 ppm) and a low end standard (0.02 ppm). The standard is comprised of aroclors 1016 and 1260. Oddly enough, while the peaks look very nice, the 1016 response height is about 1/3 that of the 1260. Originally the peaks of both aroclors were the same height. Have any of you some idea why this is the case?

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