Do I need to purge the gas clean filter (CP17973) after I replace it? If yes, then how do I do this?

I heard in a webinar that I should purge the gas clean filter after I change it out. But I don't see anything in the manual about how to purge.

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    Purging means to pass same gas through gas filter that going to use.

    So you can pass same gas for 5 to 10 minutes through filter but make sure outlet line under fumehood or connect gas line with gas filter to instrument and let it pass for 5 to 10 min to vent...

  • Filter has nitrogen in it when it ships.  When I set up new GCMS systems with this filter, I'll set the inlet split flow to 200-250 mL/min overnight.  By the next morning the filter is purged (nitrogen reading on GCMS is at acceptable level).

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