I suspect a leak

Greetings forum denizens,

  I'm running on an Agilent 6890 with a micro ECD detector and analyzing for PCB's. Recently I've had a problem seeing my low end standard (0.02 ppm). I cooled the GC down and began checking it out.I clipped a few feet off the injector side of the column and made sure I had a nice, clean cut.  I replaced the gold seals, liners, septa, and ferrules. I also changed the micro ECD liner. But when I run a 0.02 ppm standard it still looks like no injection was made. I changed the syringe just to make sure that wasn't a problem. I took a column from another instrument and installed it.Still no recognizable pattern. I suspectr a leak elsewhere. We don't have a detector that would help me locate a leak, so I fear the old soap and water might come in handy. Do any of you know of good placed to start checking that might be free of accidentally getting soapy water into delicate electronics?

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