analyser gas H2, O2, co2

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I'm interesting solution gas analyzer. My need analyser gas H2, O2, CO2, hydrocarbons, N2. My samples are gases and liquids. Does the Agilent have a solution for such tasks? So that it was possible to analyze gas and liquid samples on one device and at the same time there were components hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. In the brochure that I downloaded from the site 5991-1561, I did not find a solution for myself.

regards, Azrael

  • Hi

    Can you share detail of sample.

    Like it will be semi liquid in a small cylinder. Or you will inject sample online from any reactor.

    There are so many option that you can use external heated box connected with your sample and after heated box sample going in gaseous form to valve.

    Pyrolysis technique also one option.

    All techniques based on your samples..

    Like ether type sample, using liquid n gas valve give result.

    Application support or Analyzer solution team of Agilent can suppprt you to design the instrument as per ur need.

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