maximum Inlet head pressure for GC Capillary column

Does GC capillary column(like a HP-1) has maximum operational inlet pressure?

I 'd like to use column at constant inlet pressure, 95psi.

GC S/SL inlet can supply upto 100psi(general GC).How about column? It also can maintain at that high pressure?

Actually I have plan to combine two columns(100mx0.25mmx0.5um and 2.5mx0.1mmx0.1um) for GCxGC.

When I use single column(100mx0.25mmx0.5um) the inlet pressure is 44psi constantly.

After combine, I have to set inlet pressure to 95psi for the same column flow with single column to compare data.

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  • I am running D6730 with 100m long (0.2mm id) column at 44psi inlet pressure. For more detail analysis we want to combine D6730 with GCxGC.

    To get GCxGC data (2D GC) with thermal modulation, we have to connect 0.1mm id column (2.5m) as out seg column.

    At this condition I want to set column flow same together D6730 and D6730+2D GC (for similar retention time)

    That's why we have to use that high Inlet pressure.


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