8355 SCD high output

I operate an Agilent 8355 SCD. The  baseline output that is stated in the manual is 150pA in a well stabilized system with an oven temperature of 50C. When not in use, the baseline output is around 500pA. I'm not sure if this is caused by the method I use/frequency of use or if there is an issue with the detector itself that needs to be addressed. Any thoughts on the cause of a high baseline output?

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  • No, not yet. I called Agilent service for assistance but they never called me back. I thinking part of it has to do with the temperature program I have for my analysis method but the output is still high even when not running. I've changed the hydrogen and oxygen recently (the tanks last a long time) and that did not fix the issue. I've also changed the inner ceramic tube and that did not fix the issue either. There isn't much troubleshooting information available out there for this instrument which is kind of a bummer. 

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