Pressure change during valve actuation in GC

Can any one confirm that when valve actuate in GC, that time atmospheric pressure change..if yes then how to correct so that same pressure will be there after n before actuation of valve..

  • Most valve actuations on Agilent GCs are time based and are part of the method parameters.  Standard GCs don't have pressure sensors to initiate the valve, something like that would be a custom solution.

    If I had to guess, you are trying to load a sample loop on a valve in a consistent way?  To ensure you are loading the same amount of sample each time?

  •'s 3 valve 10 port n two six port valve in 7890 gc..Actuation of valve done by air supply as usual..But here  point is that pressure before actuation and after actuation through loop, need to be same but how to varify it..

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