MS automatic shutdown during run

We have a GC MS 5799B system. Mid-run for a sample, I heard a loud fan/air noise, and then the filament turned off, it went into Fast Vent, and had a MS shutdown. There was also a strong plastic smell.

We tried changing the oil, then starting the system back up again. However the MS no longer pumps down automatically, and when we try to go to Vacuum Control on the computer program, the window pops up and disappears. We also tried restarting the computer/GC/MS but the MS doesn't pump down or respond. The foreline pump doesn't even start although we have checked that it is functioning when plugged into an external outlet. The computer also displays the warnings: "difficulty with the fan, high vacuum pump not ready, system in vent state, difficulty with electron multiplier supply."

It was working fine before (although it did always have the warning "Host System Not Ready" on the screen) so it's very weird why this would happen. 

Any insight into why this would occur, or how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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