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I'm pretty new to the GC world in general. My 7890 unit came with a set of wrenches and I never bothered to take note of what their sizes were. Someone took my wrenches recently and I cannot find them. I need to order some new wrenches, but I have no idea what sizes would be useful for doing routine work on a GC.

Looking through their website, Agilent has many sized wrenches and I have no clue which ones are needed to do simple tasks like replace a GC column and ferrules. Can someone please let me know what size wrenches I should get for use on a 7890 GC?

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  • The basic tools I would recommend to have for GC maintenance:

    Ceramic column cutter

    1/4" wrench (column nuts)

    7/16" wrench (gas fittings at back of GC)

    1/2" wrench (replace gold seal on S/SL inlet)

    Torx 20 driver (removing FID collector assembly, S/SL insulation cup to access gold seal)

    1/4" nut driver (removing FID jet)

    Additional tools may be necessary depending on the task and any special hardware you might have.  The 7890 Maintenance manual lists the necessary tools for each task and can be found at 7890 Series GC Maintenance (  If you find it easier to learn via videos, Agilent has a GC playlist on YouTube (Gas Chromatography - YouTube).  There are several troubleshooting and maintenance videos that you may find useful.

    Since you're newer to GC, there is also lots of additional information available at Agilent University (Agilent University | Agilent).  There are in-person and virtual classes, as well as self-paced e-learning modules that allow you to work at your own pace.

  • That is all very helpful information. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I greatly appreciate it!

  • In addition to the list already provided, you may find the Agilent Part Finder Tool worth downloading.  Along with some tools it contains all the consumable part numbers you may need when operating or maintaining the GC.  The program uses a graphical interface to drill down to the area of interest on a GC, MS, or autosampler.

    Agilent Parts Finder Tool | Agilent   Click on the " Parts Finder and available models" link, register and then select to download the A.01.05 version.  Further down the page one can manual download updated instruments or the easier route is to allow the Part Finder Tool to update itself from within the tool.

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