Replacement for a 6890 Main Board and a Autosampler Controller, suggestions needed.

Hello Agilent 

The 6890 autosampler controller will not power on. During troubleshooting, we discovered that the capacitors of the 6890 mainboard are leaking. Could the faulty capacitors cause a problem with the controller since the connecting plug/port is so close to the capacitors?   

My guess is that I need to replace them both, should I even try to replace them or because of their age (unit is ~20 yrs old) should I just upgrade to a new 7890? Please confirm. Would it be possible to find (order) the appropriate mainboard and controller?  

I upgraded the software last year and we are running using OpenLab Chemstation.

Here is all the information I have on the 6890

  1. HP6890 Serial# US00023409, Firmware Revision HP 6890 GC Rev A.03.08. 
  2. Main Board G1530-60011 Rev A Div 2340 (Serial# STI382451994).  Is there a replacement board available? 
  3. HP6890 Front: Auto-Sampler G1513A, Serial# US71101409, Controller Firmware G1512A.01.12, Injector Firmware G1513A.09.15
  4. HP6890 Back: Auto-Sampler G1513A, Serial# US71701860, Controller Firmware G1512A.01.12, Injector Firmware G1513A.09.14
  5. Auto Sampler Controller Box: G1512A Serial# US83206385.
  6. Sample Tray: Model 18596C, Serial# US83204369.


Thank you


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