7693A injector

Hi all,

I want to install 7693a injector  on the 6890A GC.

what should be the minimum gc firmware and minimum software platform requirment?


current configration :

gc firmaware is a.03.08

gc software is B.04.03 (87)

  • Hi Cocones,

    I am not sure which model 6890 GC available in your lab.  6890A or 6890Aplus.

    for both GCs need to replace the top cover.

    1. G153041205 LSCA Enclosure Grey Inlet Fan Cover for 6890A\Plus\N
    2. G153041070 LSCA Light Grey Inlet Cover for 6890A\Plus\N

    For 6890A GC needs to buy G4517-64000Controller Box for 6890A.

    For 6890A Plus needs to change the ALS controller board-G451664000Controller Board for 6890Plus.

    Firmware is hardware based firmware for both. Firmware IC Chip should be changed. Not sure about the latest version. 

    Under software upgrade ROM Kit for Agilent 6890Plus, 6890A G1530A, G1540A is given as ROM Set Rev. A.03.08 G1530-61706

    Minimum Software require is Chemstation B.04.02. B.04.03 is better.


    Also needs LAN connection for connecting with Chemstation B.04.02.


    Hope this will help.

  • If it's 6890A then better to call your local agilent support as board etc need to check..

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