GC 8890 doesnt want to run sequence. Prompt system fault (error code 1000600a)

Hi Agilent Community,

Good day! We have just completed our installation for GC/MSD on last Friday 18 September 2020. Today, 22 Sep 2020, is our first GC run on our own, and we have made a sequence to run. However, the GC prompted "System Fault - Please Reboot" and causing all instrument to be OFFLINE. I have checked all the LAN connections and are all doing well. After we have rebooted twice, the same prompt appears on the GC interface when we want to run our sequence. However, surprisingly if we run single, there are no problem. Attached are the screenshots. We look forward to your guidance. Thank you.

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GC Type no. 8890. 
MSD Type no. G7077B. 


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