Packed column on 7890


I am trying to run a packed column on a 7890 GC.  As far as I know, the system is setup correctly in terms of hardware.  I am pretty new with packed columns on an Agilent GC, so I am not sure where to even begin in terms of method settings.

I am looking for optimal method settings.  I am running phenethyl alcohol as a standard with He as the carrier.  What are typical flow rates and oven ramps?

Currently, I am only getting a solvent front (MeOH) that is about a minute long and no phenethyl alcohol peak. Below is my current method.

Thank you in advance for any advise!

Oven Temperature:  Initial

120° C  Rate 20°C/minute


200°C (hold 3 minutes)

Injector Temperature


Inlet flow

25 mL/min

Control Mode


Detector Temperature


Air Flow

450 mL/min

H2 Fuel Flow

40 mL/min

Makeup Flow: He

45 mL/min

Injection Volume

1.0 µL

Packed Column

Suppleco 80/100 Mesh 2 m x 2 mm 5% FFAP or Equivalent

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