7890B Agilent GC Autosampler Issue

I have a 7890B agilent GC with an autosampler.

Recently a new error popped up. The error on the screen is #245 Autoinjector front tower plunger error.

Troubleshooting so far consists of the following:


I have inspected the old syringe and swapped it out with a new one. Problem persists.

I have inspected the unit, the plunger moves smoothly up and down by hand. The small black rubber belt looks in tact and free of damage.

The syringe is secured in place.


When I try to start a run, it goes to the wash cycle, once it drops into the wash vial and proceeds to draw up, the injector quickly retracts up and goes into error state.


How would I correct this issue?


We're beginning to think that a sensor error is occurring or a stepper motor error.

Alignment is next prior to sending in for repair.


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