Cary 60 UV-Vis Demonstration Video

Agilent Cary 60 with unique xenon flash lamp technology is the world's fastest scanning UV-Vis. With an exceptionally long lifetime of 3 billion flashes, the lamp typically lasts 10 years. Watch this full web demonstration video to learn more about how the Cary 60 offers the lowest cost of ownership while measuring precious samples with ease.

  • Hi johnsg,


    I believe we have some atomic products that may be able to do most of these. There are some UV-Vis methods that can do some of these analyses as well, but they require addition of reagent to produce color for detection and will not be as sensitive as atomic spectroscopy.


    I think something along the lines of Atomic Absorption / ICP-OES / ICP-MS depending on your desired detection limits will probably be the most effective. Agilent sells all of these instruments, please feel free to read more about them on our website


    We are in the process of locating a salesperson in your region to better assist you.

  • Does Agilent has any spectrometer/intsrumentation that can analysed the following: Heavy metals (Cd, Pb, As, Ar, Ni, Cr, Sn, Fe, Ca, etc) in water and soil, COD, NH4 in effluent, Aniline in waste water, Cyanide in water, nitrates, adjutants. Sulfate, phosphorous , Nitrogen, potassium in effluent. Kindly let me know the product and how much that will cost.

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