Support to run two stage Media Dissolution using Agilent dissolution system + Cary UV 60 software

Hello Team, I am running two stage dissolution, one is 0.01N HCl and the other is pH 6.8 Phosphate Buffer. Initially I ran the dissolution with 0.01N HCl for two hours and then after two hours I added pH 6.8 media and adjusted the pH to 6.8. There is no stop in the in between the media change, still system running and spinning the paddles for 8 more hours (total 10 hours).

My question, initially before adding the dosage form, the UV collects the blank measurements from each vessel for 'cell match report and blank correction'. After the adding buffer media, system doesn't ask about the blank correction or cell match for buffer media. Instrument/ software still using the acid blank absorbance for blank correction for both acid media samples and buffer media samples. There is a some variation in the absorbance of the acid media and buffer media, that leads to high % release in the buffer samples. 

How to i rectify this issue, how will I run the buffer media for cell match and blank correction' before i start the buffer samples collection?

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