Access the Content Manager Open Labs 2.1 over the network



I want to ask how to access the Open Labs secure storage over the network.


On the local PC it is possible to reach it with the following destinations.



I already set up the authorization/authentication.


How to reach it from a PC within our Network ?




  • Hi Mr. White,

    You just need to know the real IP address of that PC. Open your CMD prompt and do 'IPConfig'. Once you know the real IP - you should be able to access it from other computers by using the same URL construction:


    Replacing 123 with your real IP address.


    If you are unable to access that page from another computer on the network - that PC's firewall may be blocking outside connections. But the OpenLAB installer will (by default) open a port in the firewall to allow web access.


    If you want to get a bit fancier - you can use that PC's hostname instead of the IP address.

  • Hello hexatriene,


    Thank you very much. It worked. From the local PC I can access it via http and ftp.

    It even work with the hostname

    But I couldn't reach it from a different PC.( Maybe cause we are not in the same Network/server )

    Pinging didn't work either.


    I ask my IT department for further instructions.

    Actually I feel saver that it didn't work.


    Thanks again




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