ECM Constant Disconnects

Hi everyone,

Somewhat recently, we have been experiencing issues with our ECM server disconnecting from instruments while they are running sequences/worklists. This issue constantly occurs around the same time (during the evening) causing the instruments to halt their runs and give an error message with something along the lines of "Could not send data file X to ECM server. Will attempt again when the instrument is restarted."

We have around 90 instruments (mix of GC, LC, GCMS, LCMS, etc...) connected to a single ECM server, which from what I understand is a lot for one server. We have "band-aided" the problem by inserting a keyword to start the instrument after the time it constantly is disconnecting. Most the instrumentation being affected are GCMS which are running version 10 of MassHunter Acquisition. 

I am wondering if anyone else in a larger scale production lab has encountered these connection issues (which would then be an ECM/Agilent issue) or am I experiencing something wrong on my end of the server?

Any help or insight into this recurring issue would be appreciated!


  • Hello,

    When having problems with Agilent's content management systems like ECM or client/server systems I recommend submitting an Agilent Software Service Desk ticket at the following URL.

    If the problems are only happening during a specific window of time during the day you may want to have your company IT take a look at the network to see if anything is being done on the network that doesn't happen at other times.

    Specifically regarding the GCMS MassHunter software, the problem isn't really the ECM disconnecting from the instruments, the ECM server is not in constant connection with GCMS MassHunter.  The GCMS MassHunter  software reaches out to the ECM server to communicate when logging in, uploading/downloading methods and sequences or when injections have completed.  The problem is when the run has completed and the MassHunter software attempts to connect to the ECM server to upload the file, the server isn't available.  The problem could be with the ECM server, the File Transfer servers, or with the network during the time of day you are seeing problems.  With 90 instruments it is possible you have multiple File Transfer Servers including the File Transfer Server located on the ECM server.  One of the things to check is if the file transfer service is running on the servers by checking the Windows Services on the servers.

    The Agilent Software Service Desk can help with troubleshooting this problem for customers with software maintenance agreements.


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