LCMS-QTOF and ECM XT on the Cloud?

We have LCMS-QTOFs running in more than one site.   We currently use ECM 3.6, with manual uploads for QTOF data.  Can ECM XT support cloud-based, compliant uploads for QTOF instruments?  

If so, is the data buffered by the instrument workstations or is other hardware needed?

  • ECM XT with LCMS MassHunter 11 Network Workstation is officially supported for on premises installations, cloud based servers are not supported.  During acquisition on MassHunter 11 Network Workstation systems the data is buffered in a secure area by the instrument workstation for a brief period before uploading the data file to the ECM XT server after data acquisition has been completed.  The data does not reside permanently on the instrument workstation.

    I recommend getting into contact with your Agilent Informatics Product Specialist to talk about your options for LCMS QTOF compliance.

    Cloud-Ready SDMS Software - OpenLab ECM XT | Agilent


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