Openlab CDS 2.4 is running very slow.


Our Openlab CDS 2.4 is running very slow at the moment, data upload to Content Management takes hours. Could someone advise on why is the system this slow suddenly?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Florak.. if you are facing slowness, that may be caused by many factors, but what I can suggest for you is to schedule database maintenance task and also please make sure that you have installed the latest updates(hot fixes) for you current CDS version, you can find the updates on agilent SubscribeNet

  • Thank you for your reply. We have a installed the latest updates and also have a weekly server restart set up. The slowness was resolved for now after the next restart but we didn't experience the system being this slow before.

  • Have you confirmed that the database maintenance task has been set and is occurring? Other items to consider, the client or AIC from which the upload to Content Management was initiated, when was it last restarted, did it have pending Windows updates? 

  • Hello,

    You should open a ticket with if you experience the issue again. If you are using SQL as your database engine, a common issue is index fragmentation. You should be doing the maintenance actions below if using SQL. 

    Marty Adams 

    3 Rebuild indexes based on the following recommendations.

    Run an index fragmentation check, and:

    • Rebuild anything that is >30% fragmented.

    • Re-organize anything that is between 5 and 30% fragmented.

    See anize-and-rebuild-indexes for more information.

    Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server to work with Content Management To ensure that your performance does not degrade, perform the following weekly maintenance operations on your SQL server.

    • Recompute statistics by running the command: EXEC sp_updatestats

    • Clear the buffers by running the command: DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS

    • Clear the cache by running the command: DBCC FREEPROCCACHE

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