Can't load signals for individual data files in a sequence

Hi All,

Got an interesting problem trying to load data from a sequence.

We're using ChemStation C.01.10, with data archived/stored in ECM.

We've acquired an LC/MS sequence that contains UV and MS TIC data for blanks, standards and samples.  When the sequence was first acquired we were able to process and reprocess the data on the local PC that controls the instrument, but we're having an issue accessing the data from ECM

When we load the original SSIZip file via the ECM -> load data menu we see the whole sequence in the sequence explorer, but we can only load certain injections.  There are about 8 injections in the sequence where we get a series of error messages when we try to load the data file:

  1. Dialogue box "Display file not set".
  2. Dialogue box "No signals available!"

I've looked in the data file folders within the sequence folders and there's a whole bunch of files missing, including the .ch file (UV data?) and .MS file (MS data?)

We know that the data was originally successfully acquired as we have pdf sequence summary reports that clearly show chromatograms, mass spectra, EICs and peak data for all injections in the sequence, so my guess is that the data maybe hasn't uploaded to ECM correctly?

The only thing that the affected files seem to have in common is relatively long data file names (42 characters including the .D suffix).  The ECM filepath is also relatively long at 107 characters (including the .SC.SSIzip suffix).  

Does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? Is there a limit on data file name length? Or combined filepath and filename length?  Would that affect the ECM upload?

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