ECM Client interface browser support

Does anyone know when there will be an update to ECM that will allow the client versions to use Chrome or Edge? The end for IE is nigh and organizations are/ have been moving away from it. it could have some big impacts.

  • If you are using ECM 3.6 there is an optional ECM web interface that can perform some client tasks that is browser agnostic. Note: This web interface does not provide administrative function so you would still need some classic client to administrate ECM. The current statement about IE obsolescence is below.

    There two recommended solutions for the obsolescence of Internet Explorer. Since Microsoft has not yet indicated a plan to obsolete Internet Explorer on the Windows Server operating systems, customers may deploy a Windows server as a Terminal Server and may share the IE application to users. Several large ECM customers already use Terminal Server or Citrix as means of providing ECM client access to avoid installing and validating the ECM client application on large numbers of client computers. This is a fully supported solution and should continue to work past June of 2022. Agilent is currently working on an alternative container application for the OpenLab ECM client. This container application will replace the functionality provided by Internet Explorer and will allow the existing ECM client software to load and run within the new application. I do not have a solid timeframe as of yet on this product. 

    Marty Adams

  • You may already be aware, but we have a new ECM Classic Client v.1.0 available on SubscribeNet:  Agilent Electronic Software and License Delivery : Login (

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