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We have Openlab 2.4 client server installation. We have several projects with the same processing method and report template, currently an administrator with "all privileges"  is copying the document in ECM with Internet interface. Is it possible for an user without "all privileges) to duplicate the method or the report template directly in the control Panel ?

Thanks in advance

Benoît Malinge

  • Hi Benoît 

    With the client-server installation, you could set up the report templates folder for your new projects to point to another project that is created just to hold report templates that are shared across all projects.

    There's no easy way to copy methods between projects.  The workaround that I use is to start data acquisition with one project, download the method to the instrument and then upload it from the instrument in Data Acquisition started with the new project.  For one or two methods, it's not to difficult.  For more methods, Content Management Browser is the best way!


  • HI Andy, Many thanks for your solution, for the methods it's a way.

    Have a good day


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