Sequence in "pending" and "aborting" status

Hi everyone! I work with a 8890 CG system equipped with a FID detector and a CombPAL sampler, all them controlled by OpenLab 3.2 software and often has occurred a problem when a sequence is submitted where the sequence status stay in "pending" and the injections do not start. After waiting a long time, if I abort the sequence it staying in "aborting" status. So, when I try to procedure the "close connection", it doesn't work and appears the message "Tuning or run is in progress; instrument will close when complete". In this cases we've adopted procedure a reboot in AIC controller. But this procedure require a permission that the most analysts in our lab don't have . So I'd like  know if somebody had this problem in some moment and knows why occurs and how to evite this.

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