Openlab chemstation C01.07 - chemstation freeze or hangup

What causes the Chemstation to freeze or hang up (Instrument session)?

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    There are many possible causes for OpenLab CDS ChemStation freezing/hanging up. These can range from the PC or hard disk going to sleep to there being a corrupt file to anti virus software quarantining one of ChemStation's files....


    In order to troubleshoot this behavior we would need more information. Does ChemStation freeze during a specific workflow? Did this just start happening recently and, if so, does the timing correspond to any hardware/software/OS updates on the PC? Does this only happen when you leave the software running overnight? Is the operating system configured as specified in the installation guide? ...


    Due to the broad nature of this question this can be a difficult issue to address on the Community. It would be best if you reached out to your local Agilent support: Contact Us | Agilent

  • Question is related to disconnecting versus closing the session. User choose to disconnect rather closing it. Sorry if the question is too broad.


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  • As you have the option to Disconnect when you close a ChemStation session, it can be concluded that you have a client/server installation of the software.


    If you select the Disconnect option when closing a ChemStation session from a client, this should cut off the Remote Desktop connection while leaving the instrument running. You should then be able to reconnect to the instrument from any other client connect to your OLSS server without the session freezing/hanging up. If you have further questions or concerns I recommend you contact the Agilent Laboratory Informatics Support team for help regarding your client/server system.

  • If this issue is frequent and observed many time on same PC. I can provide you some troubleshooting steps and this may help you.


    1)Open Internet Explorer on the computer and select the Tools>Internet Options menu item. Click the Advanced tab and uncheck the following items:
    • “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”
    • “Check for server certificate revocation”


    2) a. If running a 32 bit operating system then open the attached "" file on the system and run the
    "DisableCertificate.reg" file to disable root certificate checks for the operating system.

    b. If running a 64 bit operating system then open the attached "" file on the system and run the
    "DisableCertificate64.reg" file to disable root certificate checks for the 64 bit operating system.


    3) Go to Start > Control Panel > System. Select advanced system settings. On the Advanced Tab press the Settings... button in the Performance section. Under Visual Effects select "Adjust for best performance". Press the OK button.


    4) Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Select Services. Right click on the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager. In the context menu select Properties. Stop the service. Set the startup type to Disabled. This disables the Aero-Glass look.


    5) If any antivirus software is installed on the system then please apply the antivirus scanning exclusion’s for the below folders and files:
    C:\Program Files\Agilent Technologies
    C:\Programfiles(x86)\Agilent Technologies


    6) Clear the WPF font cache:
    a. Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services (or type services.msc from the Run command box).
    b. Stop the Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache service if it started
    c. Delete the cache file: FontCache3.0.0.0.dat
    • Vista/Win7: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local
    d. Restart the machine.


    7) Turn off Windows File indexing
    Hard disk Properties: (right- click Start > Explore, right- click on Local Disk(C:) > Properties). In the General tab, disable Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching . Apply the changes by selecting OK.


    8) Windows firewall and Automatic Updates must be turned OFF.


    9) Apply all the computer settings as mentioned in the attached guide (How to configure Windows 7 for use with Agilent ChemStation Rev. C.01.04 or higher). Reboot the system after applying all the settings.


    Step 6 and 7 may help you.

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