Result Set in ECM does not show up in ECM IR Client

A result set exists in ECM in the /Content/SCI-Production/Analytical Lab/HPLC-0019/Data-2017 structure, and in ChemStation sessions it can be restored and processed. This is normal. There is a filter in the Agilent OpenLAB Control Panel that has a project pointing to  /Content/SCI-Production/Analytical Lab/HPLC-0019/.


In the ECM IR Client application, If I setup a filter to filter the Instrument name = HPLC-0019, it returns all the result sets except for one which happens to be the first result set.  Other Projects filtered similarly do seem to return all result sets.  I've reprocessed the "missing" result set yet it remains not to be included in the results that are filtered by the Instrument name.


Is any one aware of a glitch in the ECM IR Client that causes this, and is a fix available?  Otherwise it is a serious issue if we can not rely on the ECM IR Client.





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