How to create a IR Report with Method Information that prints the information only once per unique method name

How do you limit the report to print out the method information only once in a sequence (once per unique method name)? Currently it is printing the method the same number of runs that are in the sequence, even though there is only one method used.  It also prints out the Method Log only once.

  • I apologize for the delay. If you still require any assistance with this question, please reply with the software product that you are using (OpenLAB ChemStation, OpenLAB EZChrom, or OpenLAB CDS 2) and the revision of that software product.

  • Yes, I still need help with this request.

    The system we are using is OpenLAB CDS ChemStation ECM Distributed Network – ChemStation version is C.01.07 SR2, OpenLAB Control Panel version is A.02.02, and ECM version is

    Currently I’m working with Intelligent Reporter RTE within the ChemStation Client, since it seems that what I am looking for is only available within the ChemStation RTE environment (Log files, Method Info).

    Typically we only use one method within a sequence, but on occasion I have seen the analysts use two or three methods.  The report I’m trying to work on would be a Sequence Summary (single sequence) that would print out the Method Audit trail and Method info once for each different method, but what I’m seeing is that it prints out the Method Audit trail once but the Method Info repeated for each run in the sequence.




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  • I am running into the same thing. I tried adding it to a group and changing the repeating options for the group, but it did not help at all.


    Unfortunately, it looks like the method information is really only optimized to be used for single injection reports and not sequence summary reports. I am not seeing any way to filter the results or changed the repeating properties.

  • Hi Dwight,


    I have checked what you have been trying to do with . I think the snippet had been designed to make sure that all method are correctly reported. And therefore, there is an internal group repeat set on the method ID version (which is always changing from one injection to the other). It would make more sense to have this group repeat on the Method Name. This is what I did by opening a report template in notepad for example, and modify the group repeat of the snippet. See attached file.


    If you want to use this group in your report. Follow the following steps:


    1. Copy the RDL file attached to your ChemStation "REPSTYLE" folder.

    2. Load this template in your Intelligent Reporting editor in the ChemStation

    3. Select the surrounding group, and click right as described below:


    4. Select "Save Composite Group", and give your name such as "Audit trail DA method"

    5. After saving this composite group, you will see this appearing on your machine in the reporting item tree, under "Composite Groups"

    6. You will now be able to use it in any report template that you have, by dragging and dropping them into the report templates.




    You can use this method with any group you find interesting in any report template... That way you can define a personalize list of reporting snippets you can use for your report template design. These composite groups are saved in the windows user folders, under: \Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Agilent Technologies\Agilent ChemStation\\IntelligentReporter\CompositeGroups.


    I hope this helps.



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