ECM version, OpenLab ChemStation C.01.06


I am working with OL-ChemStation, C.01.06 coupled with ECM Client/Server Version A02.01 (13.3).

I have question to the version number of the result set loaded from ECM (ECM à Load Data from the drop-down list of ChemSation).

When the data was loaded and automatically printed out by sequence (Sequence à View Summary Report File), the version number displayed on the report was not the same one as the loaded ECM Version. It was one version lower with a remark „modified after loading“ within the brackets. It was not true as no data modification was done after loading.

Pls find the attached file for visibility.

The same output was provided when the data set was loaded to the ChemStation, reprocessed and printed out.

How can I get the same version number as that from ECM displayed on the IR report with no remark?

Automatic reprocessing the complete data by sequence is mandatory for the statistic calculation.

Pls advise, thank you


mr. hbar

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