How to Import Ezchrom Elite / OL Ezchrom data to OpenLab CDS 2.3 C/S Content Management.


How to import the existing data from OpenLab CDS Ezchrom (or) Elite to OpenLab CDS 2.x. ?


Will it convert the Ezchrom data, method to OL CDS 2.x compatible?

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  • Hi Bala,


    No problem, thank you for the extra info. I myself haven't been involved in projects involving mass import of EZChrom data so I cannot assist you fully here. Hopefully someone else will chime in if they know more than I do.


    Using FTP is great for moving large amounts of data across into the Content Management but you lose all Activity Logs/ Audit Trails - so I believe, I have not tested it for some time. You also already need to have the project folders created in CM before you start the FTP transfer.


    I would recommend that you contact your local Agilent office regarding consultation services if there are no more responses to your query here. At the moment, you might find it best to keep your data on the original EZChrom server and import data as and when required by auditors etc.


    Kind regards,


  • Thank you for the replies,

    I'll wait for some expert's response.



    C B Ragubathi

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