How can I confirm if a method run was from the ECM.

I am trying to create a report that will include an output of whether the method run is the version saved on the ECM or if it has been locally modified.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?

  • While you can place markers on the report like the last modified date of the acquisition method, there is not way to directly check the master methods status in ECM in reporting. Chemstation does check and report in the navigation window if a method had been modified locally since the last download or save to ECM, but that information is not available from the reports.  Also once you start a Chemstation sequence the system copies the master method into the results set so any reference at that point in the reports are for that copy of the method that resides inside the data set. Chemstation only tracks versions and modifications to the files that make up the data set as it was acquired not the original master copies of the method, sequence and templates. 


    Marty Adams

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