Tips & Tricks

Learn from CrossLab Connect users and experts, helpful tips and tricks, around navigating and resolving common issues with the software. 

  • The filtering options on the Service Management page and Service History page are robust.  You can set the drop downs to sort and filter the list below.  Those filters are saved to your account and will be present for all future sessions until you change your filtering settings.

  • If you are working with a mobile device on the Service Management page, the asset list view may not be ideal.  Switch to a tile view by clicking on the Tile icon to the right of the Filter button.

  • CLC Admins may assign the All Users group to the All Assets group, which automatically gives any new user at the company access to all assets. This action may be most appropriate for companies that do not have a granular permissions structure for their users or for smaller companies with few assets. 

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