GC-MS saturation of gas filter


Can i check with you guys if it is normal. We just got  the GC-MS like 5 months ago. But i discovered that the moisture captured by the MSD shows a very high abundance level and our filter shows the filter has saturated. I have 2 type of gas filter attached to the carrier gas. A big universal trap and a combi Oxygen/moisture gas filter. 

I have done  a leak test using snoop liquid and no leak was detected. Column flow was able to achieve. So i can't understand why the moisture filter saturate within months. We don't have a leak detector equipment due to higher up decision

I have called the Agilent hotline and they said that there might be a high moisture due to the environment which cause condensation to occur in the pipe even if there is no leak. Is this true? If it is true how do i prevent this aside from purchasing filter every 5 months. 

Thank you

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