ICP-OES lines breaking apart

On our 5000 ICP-OES, the tube and the line to the spray chamber keep "busting" or separating apart when the pump speed hits high. Is there some sort of clamp or a work around for this? We change our lines regularly..

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    There can be a few contributing factors to why the tubing to the spray chamber is popping off.
    There is no specific order implied here.

    With the Id of the pump tubing you're using the fast pump speed you're working with, you may be exceeding the maximum flow rate of the nebulizer. This can generate back pressure in the nebulizer, contributing to the fault you reported.
    Can you reduce the fast pump speed slightly?

    If the tubing is popping off at the join to the peristaltic pump tubing, it may be that the peristaltic pump tubing is too old and so it is not so elastic anymore. This can mean it does give a strong join when inserting the capillary tubing connected to the nebulizer.

    It may also be that the OD of the capillary tubing is not well matched to the ID of the peristaltic pump tubing. If you're using a peristaltic pump tube that has a large ID, this might be the issue.

    I would also check the condition of the nebulizer - there may be a partial lockage of the nebulizer that is causing excessive back pressure when you are using Fast Pump?
    Have you noticed any change in sensitivity or perhaps a strange spray pattern from the nebulizer?
    Back flushing the nebulizer may help.

    Hope those suggestions will help you solve that issue,
    Good luck,

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