I need a WAX type column that is more inert than ZB-WAXplus



I am using a ZB-WAXplus column that is causing some degradation to one analyte as it passes along the column.


Can anyone suggest a WAX type column phase that has an even more INERT column material?


(There was also some thermal degradation in the inlet - but I have fixed this by lowering injector temperature from 250C to <180C - so I am only worried about degradation occurring while the analyte passes along the column.)




  • Thanks for the replies.


    I will look into the Agilent UI WAX column (and a few similar options from other suppliers).


    The analyte is primarily thermally degraded - so I have got a good peak but by using a low injector temperature (120C), 35C initial oven (6890 GC with small fan - so cannot really go lower), 2C ramp to 250C, and high He flow 3mL/min (constant flow). Splitless injection (splits of 10:1 or 20:1 did not help).


    Column is ZB-WAX 30m * .250 * .25.


    This is very slow - but works.


    I think I will buy a more inert column - with thicker phase , and slightly wider bore, and shorter length.


    Thanks again for all your opinions.

  • Hi ,


    raises a good point. Perhaps it would help if you could please reply with an image of your peaks that show degradation? Then we could see whether you experiencing fronting or tailing. See How to insert an image in a post or comment 


    Thanks. - Josh

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