How to measure Mitochondrial acidification from Glycolytic Rate Assay?


I recently performed the Glycolytic Rate Assay and normalized the data using cell counts. I organized the data into two sets: before and after ROT/AA, and post 2-DG.

  1. How do I calculate the mitochondrial acidification rate from this data?
  2. I noticed that I only obtained ECAR values for my conditions, and for some of my conditions, I received PER values, but for others, the values were zero. Could you help me understand why this might be happening?

Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Cell Analysis Technical Support. Regarding calculations, please see the below chart for the GRA Assay.  Additionally, here is a link to the GRA White Paper.

    For your second question, I would have to take a look at your data. If you could go ahead and send your Wave results file to, I would be happy to do this.

    Thank you,


    Courtney Nadeau Watts

    Technical Support Scientist/Remote Engineer

    Cell Analysis Products

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