Tapestation 4150 Needle Replacement Jamming

I'm replacing the needle on my Agilent Tapestation 4150 and every time I run it, it jams.

I'm following the procedure and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

  • Thank you for contacting the Agilent support team. Although I am sure you have the correct information to perform needle exchange, reiterating below to be sure.

    Part # 5067-5783 is needed for 4150 TapeStation needle exchange.

    It is recommended to first reboot the entire system in the suggested sequence before initiating the exchange. Specifically, turn off both the instrument and PC. First, turn the PC ON but do not open controller software (SW). Then turn ON the instrument. Once the instrument is initialized, launch the controller SW, we expect connection to be established between the instrument and PC.

    Needle cartridge can be exchanged from the controller SW > Tools > Maintenance > Change needle following detailed steps starting page 124 of the 4150 TapeStation manual. It is critical to wait approximately two minutes and not to turn off the instrument at this step to allow needle calibration to be completed.

    In reference to the jam/issue you are facing, please email us the following information at electrophoresis@agilent.com :

    1. When does the block error come, for example, right after you click, proceed etc?
    2. Screenshot of the error message.
    3. Instrument log files. To collect those, please close the controller SW. Launch Analysis SW>File> Help> Export Log Files> email us the .zip folder created.

    Thank you, Shweta

  • 1. The block error happens shortly after proceed is pressed 

    2. Here is a "screenshot" of the error:

    Fixed: there was a plastic plate not hooked up correctly to a nub inside that prevented retraction. To solve, I powered down the machine, removed the plate, pulled out the large moving assembly gently, then manually extended the nub and attached it to the plate so that it could retract.  

  • Thank you for the positive update and your diligent troubleshooting. It appears the nest covers were not correctly in place. That is one common culprit in block errors. To add details to this query, the nest covers can be assembled per steps outlined in pages 180-185 of the 4200 TapeStation manual . These steps ensure that the lower nest cover mounting is correct. If users still experience issue, then screenshot and logs should be shared with local support team.

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