bioanalyzer 2100 1kb limit and quantification error

Hi, I need to quantify and compare 1kb PCR fragments between different samples. Can I use the DNA1000 kit (upper limit) or should I go for the 7500? Given I have good quality PCR products, do I really expect to have a 20% error in DNA quantity estimates?



  • Hello Ettore, Thank you for your question. Our DNA 1000 kit has a sizing range of 25-1000 bp with 10% sizing accuracy. So, given that your goal is to analyze 1 kb fragments across various samples and sizing accuracy of DNA 1000 kit is 10%, I would consider DNA 7500 kit. This is to ensure accurate analysis in case fragments run or are sized above 1 kb which is the limit of accurate analysis on DNA 1000 kit.

    Regarding quantitation accuracy, it can be +/- 20% for DNA 1000/7500 assays if samples are loaded within the kits' specifications. Accuracy refers to how close the observed value is to the expected or standard value. So, it is certainly possible to obtain values closer (than +/-20%) to the expected values. I am sharing a link that details specifications for Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer DNA kits. Please let us know if there are further questions. Thank you, Shweta

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