Good electropherogram, error 4501

When performing the Eukariote Total RNA test on the same chip we had some samples with very degraded RNA and one sample with what seems like good quality RNA but the software failed to give a RIN value for that sample. Is there a way to still measure the RIN value by hand and getting around the 4501 error code?


  • Dear Guillem,

    It is usually possible to force the software to calculate the RIN in some samples where some errors occur, this can be done by altering some of the advanced settings from the 2100 expert software.

    You can send us the files for evaluation to (please add my name in your email). I will review them and give you an answer on how to get the software to calculate the RIN (if it is possible). The format of the files is .xad and the defect path to find them is: C> Program Files (x86) > Agilent > 2100 Bioanalyzer > 2100 Expert > data.

    Best regards,


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