integrity od saRNA

We have project use self amplyfying RNA, which is dsRNA, which kit is best choice for analysis integrity of this dsRNA by using 5300 fragment analyzer?, The size of saRNA is large , around 9000bp.

  • Hello Yun, Agilent offers Fragment analyzer kits for RNA [single stranded nucleic acids] and DNA [double stranded nucleic acids (dsNA)]. We donot have any kit validated to analyze double stranded RNA [dsRNA]. Given that DNA kits can detect dsNA, it should be possible to detect dsRNA. However, dsRNA data from a DNA kit may not be accurate as it is based on DNA ladder and RNA is a different biomolecule. Based on the size, our DNF-492-0500 kit that can size from 50 - 20,000 bp so that might fit your target dsRNA size. Thank you, Shweta

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